150118 BERLIN Lounge @ Vinyl Records Listening Party

2015. 2. 19. 01:57party

Calling all Music & Vinyl Lovers! Seoul Analog Sound Society!
 S.A.S.S. is a laid back event where DJs & Record Collectors can meet up to play records and have a few drinks. 
Sunday at Berlin Lounge from 6-10pm. 
FREE to Enter, and free to play. 
Bring records or just come to listen to great music! 
This is not a dance party, but a meetup to meet more collectors and to share and listen to great analog music!

A group of Expat and Korean vinyl collectors and DJs have been wanting to meet up to chill out and play records together, 
so here we are. This "Society" is not an organized society requiring membership, but there is a brotherhood of vinyl addicts that we hope to build!

Berlin will have 2 Technics 1200's and a Mixer. 
Bring your needles and headphones if you can! 
You do not have to be a DJ to bring records! 
You can just press play, or request a DJ to play / mix them for you. 

It's a laid back, open format & open decks night. 
We will take turn playing tunes and will have a sign up sheet if many people are waiting. 
Some DJs can play mini mix sets, and we can go back to back or tag team style if theres time. 
Let's just have fun! Anything goes.

For our first SASS meet up, there is no music genre focus or restrictions, 
but nothing too hard and heavy or too slow or boring. 
Berlin lounge will still have regular customers that we cannot scare off!
Most of us will be bringing House Music or Hip-hop/RnB, and also disco / soul / funk / jazz, pop, etc.

Any questions or suggestions...post it below or PM 
Michael Ian Cuasay Fallaria


LP(Vinyl)를 좋아하시는 모든 분들을 초대합니다!
Seoul Analog Sound Society(SASS)는 DJ뿐만 아니라, LP 레코드 수집과 감상에 관심이 있는 모든 분들이 함께할 수 있습니다.
일요일, 이태원 베를린 라운지에서 오후 6시부터 10시까지 진행됩니다. 입장료는 무료!
이날 DJ부스는 Open Deck으로 진행됩니다.
DJ라면 믹싱을 하셔도 되고, DJ가 아니라면 그냥 좋아하는 음악을 소개하고 플레이해주셔도 됩니다.
장비는 테크닉스 1200 턴테이블 두 대와 믹서가 준비되어있습니다. 바늘과 헤드폰이 있으시면 가져오셔도 됩니다. 
음악 장르는 너무 강하거나 무겁거나, 또는 너무 느린 음악만 아니면 됩니다. Disco, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop 환영합니다!
일요일 저녁, 아날로그 음악과 함께 멋진 추억을 만들어보세요!

BGM : SomeKindaWonderful - Reverse (Oliver Nelson Remix)

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