SMILEMAN:D Snap Photographer :: 141123 Berlin Lounge @ SLOW DRIVE Vol .3

141123 Berlin Lounge @ SLOW DRIVE Vol .3

slowDRIVE is back for vol. 3, the first of many for 2015.

As winter creeps under your skin, we know you want to shift into a smoother pace. 
That doesn’t mean you have to spend your Sundays alone. 
We’ve brought the rooftops inside for a more intimate setting this winter at BERLIN lounge, 
which offers a scenic indoor / outdoor lounge for thawing the chill with your friends over cocktails. 
Let’s get hot with our favorite DJs as we kick into Slow Drive

겨울바람이 옷깃을 파고들면 다들 나른하게 늘어져있고 싶은 마음이 들죠. 
하지만 그렇다고 해서 일요일을 혼자 쓸쓸하게 보내실 필요는 없어요. 
루프탑에서 열리던 파티를 저희가 BERLIN lounge로 옮겨왔으니까요. 
녹사평이 내려다보이는 실내 라운지에서 친구들과 칵테일을 마시며 추위를 사르르 녹여보세요. 
우리가 가장 좋아하는 DJ들과 함께 Slow Drive! 멋진 일요일이 될거에요.

MYKIAN (M!LK / KOnnEX / Spacious)

TIME /시간 : 4pm - 10pm SUN 01.25.2015
WHERE / 장소 : 457-1 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea 140-858

// Map Posted Below! \\
// Berlin is downstairs under Buddha's Belly!\\

From Noksapyeong Station:
Go out exit 1. Cross the overpass bridge. 
Go right. Follow the curve around and Berlin is on the right past COREANOS and downstairs from Buddha's Belly!

From Itaewon Station:
Go out exit 2. Walk straight about 5 minutes. 
Veer right and go up the alley across the street from McDonald's (look for the yellow Money Exchange sign). 
Follow the curve around and Berlin is on the left downstairs under Buddha's Belly!

이태원역 exit 1 -> 버커킹 -> 노스페이스->환전소(로데오)-> 이화식품 -> 베를린

녹사평역exit 2 -> 육교 -> 이태원 초교 -> 직진 100 m -> 베를린

BGM : Long Way Down - Maxigroove

The SmileMan:D Snap Photographer

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